Devender Sehgal

My name is Devender Sehgal.
I’m from New Delhi, India. Currently in Hong Kong.
I’m currently the Bar Manager at the 3 Michelin star Restaurant
Otto E Mezzo Bombana.
The world always looks better when you have a cocktail in your hand.




  • february 2017

    “The prodigal goes on a rare visit home.”

  • January 2017

    "One of the key people who has been pushing the boundaries of India’s burgeoning cocktail revolution.”

  • November 2016

    "Everyone is an optimist at the Bombana Bar."

  • October 2016

    "Behind the bar with Devender Sehgal."

  • September 2016

    "Widely regarded as one of Hong Kong’s best mixologists."

  • May 2016

    "There is excitement in the unexpected — award-winning mixologist Devender takes you on an off-menu journey."

  • October 2015

    "Most expensive cocktails in Hedonistic Hong Kong."

  • June 2015

    "Sticks to his well-honed guns of clever twists on classic drinks, this is someone who gets it.”

  • May 2015

    "To achieve what you want in life, you have got to be an optimist."

  • April 2015

    "One thing I’ve always enjoyed about watching Dev work is the flair he puts into his basic movements."

  • April 2015

    "Shake, rattle and stir in 2015."

  • january 2015

    "Creative, charismatic, and some of the best dispensers of empathy, in both liquid and spoken forms."

  • October 2014

    "Can’t blame him for being ambitious."

  • April 2013

    "Top-end bars, hotels hunt for mixologists to serve new cocktails."

  • May 2012

    "Mumbai is home to India's cocktail king."

  • May 2011

    "Bartender Devender Sehgal has to measure up to everyone’s high spirits."

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